Network MIDI Receiver

This page is a collection of thoughts on network midi receiver.

I use a laptop with a simple usb mixer/midi controller(Pioneer DDJ WeGO) and microphone(Rode Link).

I often wish I could control my setup remotely when I am at some distance from my setup, for instance, when in bed, when walking around the house, when teaching salsa class etc etc.

Potential applications of such a program may be for home automation.

I have a networked device in my pocket all the time, my phone.

The idea is to simply make two applications, one for the phone that sends events and one on the computer that receives.

There are a few scheme's which I could use to send/recieve/propogate events
* midi
* evdev (emulate standard input)
* dbus (direct control of application)
* there are lots more ways to control things.

Since I use mixxx and a midi controller, it seems preferable to start there and work outwards.

I tried to use pre-existing solutions; it appears that only are doing anything in this arena with any quality, but it is geared towards music production.

There are other remote control apps who mainly focus on keyboard and mouse input, but I'm less interested in full input control and more interested in customizable specific actions. Like a custom remote for the pc and pc based software like kodi, vlc, mixxx.

I would want to stick within existing standards to make the application as general as possible. ie rtp-midi and multicast-midi

I use jack on my pc to setup midi routing, its quite easy to use, but i may want to simply use alsa midi so that anyone can use it.

having service discovery using avahi/zeroconf would be nice.

One tedious and potentially difficult to pull off situation would be a interface customisation tool for the phone, I would think that a grid based widget, in-fact, I wonder what the limitation for home screen widgets on android is. I could imagine having control and feedback from home automation and midi controllers would make a home screen widget sort of amazing.