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The challenges I face post cancer

Hi, anyone out there? hmm, guess not.

[ This is simply a portion of my personality, it needs to be expressed as much as the rest, perhaps a little dramatic at the end as I go down the rabbit hole of thought ]

The Initial treatment for cancer was one thing, sort of immediate and direct, easily visible and understandable to a degree, it was pain and exhaustion and fear, things most people can relate to.

I listened and related to Jordan Peterson the other night talk about the effect that difficult circumstances has on a family, that it shrinks the timeframe by which you measure your life. Being unable to emotionally afford optimism for the future, you shrink your timeframe as close as necessary to survive, from planning in terms of years, to months to days, to minutes, to seconds. Just one more, dont focus on tomorrow, just one more foot infront of another.. keep going, thats all you have, just keep going.

That sort of experience changes you forever.

When your timeframe starts to expand…