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Van build RSS feed

Hi so a quick post about rss feeds.

I've recently ditched facebook because it was barely usable and their ethics are questionable at best.

Anyway, I use to manage my projects and the van build is no exception, it might not be source code yet, but the interior works will become so more and more as time goes on.

at the moment its mainly issue tracking, comments and pictures, which when viewed from its activity stream is something i would like to show everyone, lucky for me gitlab exports an rss feed of activity streams :D

here it is:

You'll need an RSS reader, I use feedly since google reader shutdown.

It's actually really nice to see things in chronological order without adverts.

All the major social media platforms massage the feed to keep you engaged. I just prefer to see in order posts from my subscriptions and not have anyone mess with that or inject their own stuff in there.

If feedly s…