What was chemo like for me?

I spent a few months having chemo? doing chemo? on chemo? I don't know what the right way to say this is.

I find myself unable to talk much about this topic, it feels like when someone tells you a bad story and you just dont want to hear it, when I go to write about this I get that same feeling. I would talk about it except I dont want to. I'm usually happy to talk about it with friends if they have questions, but I dont want to go searching memories and documentation for the details because I simply dont want to remember.

That being said.. I'm trying anyway

My cycle was four weeks long and i had like 7 or 9 cycles or something like that.
  • Week 1 all day Monday then nothing 
  • Week 2 Recovery 
  • Week 3 Mornings Monday to Friday 
  • Week 4 Recovery 
Week one and three had different types of chemo, i only remember the acronyms of VAC and IE. I know V was for vincristine, C was for cyclophosfamide or something, Here's a link for more information.
Ian, Sam, and myself on one of the first if not the first day of chemo 
Honestly considering all the documentation on side effects and other patient stories I thought I would be in for a rough ride, but I was very lucky that my symptoms were mild. I mostly came away with extreme fatigue, bone pain(most especially lower back), light headedness, mild nausea which may have been because I was on epic anti nausea drugs, chest pain. and it only took two weeks before hair loss started happening, so I shaved my head, my housemate Billy shaved his head with me in solidarity.
Billy(right) and I(left) 
What I'm glad I didnt get was mouth sores, that would suck big time.

I was working at the time, but it quickly became apparent that doing both was untenable. So I quit my job, but before that happened I managed to describe my symptoms to my female co-workers and they said it sounded like I was pregnant.

After I quit I lay on the couch for days at a time in my off time, the days would just pass by and I would just lay there in an exhausted stupor. The house cat always sat nearby for company when my friends were at work. My brain stopped working so I couldnt do anything productive but I was too tired to care.
feeling like crap after chemo. 
All the staff at the Royal Adelaide Hospital were always friendly and helpful, I think they enjoyed having someone who wasnt taking their mortality too seriously.
Getting stabbed in the arm every day really does suck, and instead of getting used to it you tolerate it less and less, I have a friend who's husband died of lung cancer(unrelated to smoking) suggest I get an infuser port, which I had inserted about three months into treatment and that made life a lot easier.
Attached to the beeping machine 
Incessant beeping of the medical pumps will drive you insane if you let it, and you have to try to sleep through it when in hospital. I swear I will have a reaction if I ever hear that exact pitch of beeping again.

I spent a few months doing that before I had to go in for surgury, when I got out I still had a couple of months of chemo to complete. But after all the exhaustion from the first time I was determined to stay active during the second lot, and it helped with the fatigue a great deal.

I remember I would go to the wednesday night salsa dancing venue in town and refuse to dance with anyone unfamiliar because I was really fragile. The few people I would dance with knew that I had about 30 seconds in me before fatigue took over and I would need to rest. I made good use of the time.
Sama, myself and Annie at Salsa Wednesday @ Casablabla 
There was one time I wanted to walk to the service station for something, it was about one block away, by the time I got there I was slowly blacking out, and had to sit on the floor to maintain consciousness to wait for my housemate Nick to rescue me.

I shed all of my calloused skin for some reason, perhaps it was the inactivity, but my hands and feet became really soft, something I was not overy happy with because I knew that eventually I would need to use them again.

below are some posts of my friends and I during the treatment period just being our goofy selves. Some of these people without whom I would not have survived.

I have skipped a few pics related to surgury for another post.