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What was chemo like for me?

I spent a few months having chemo? doing chemo? on chemo? I don't know what the right way to say this is.

I find myself unable to talk much about this topic, it feels like when someone tells you a bad story and you just dont want to hear it, when I go to write about this I get that same feeling. I would talk about it except I dont want to. I'm usually happy to talk about it with friends if they have questions, but I dont want to go searching memories and documentation for the details because I simply dont want to remember.

That being said.. I'm trying anyway

My cycle was four weeks long and i had like 7 or 9 cycles or something like that.
Week 1 all day Monday then nothing Week 2 Recovery Week 3 Mornings Monday to Friday Week 4 Recovery  Week one and three had different types of chemo, i only remember the acronyms of VAC and IE. I know V was for vincristine, C was for cyclophosfamide or something, Here's a link for more information.
Honestly considering all the documen…