Moving to Nowhere

OK i guess this week has been pretty busy.

The storage unit is finally rented and I have started moving my things into it. Sorting the things I have into bin / recycle / garage sale / give away.

The hardest part of this for me is the destruction of the original packaging. I keep all the original packaging for all the things i own in case i want to on sell them in the future, or give them away. that way the person receiving it gets all the goods. But that's impossible for a lot of things i want to take with me this time. I'm not putting empty boxes into storage.

Sheesh, if that's the hardest part i must be OK.

Pretty much everything I am doing at the moment isn't exciting, well not counting getting drunk with new friends, partying in mclaren vale, catching up with Brad to discuss the electricals, sleep overs.

So not counting all the exciting things yeah its mundane, sorting and packing, and more sorting, and box tetris.

I did receive another house sitting gig, but alas it was in conflict with an existing one.

Oh yeah my sleeping bag rocks! it was a good purchase.

If all else fails, a backpacker hostel isn't that expensive.. or i can always find shorter term accommodation via airbnb or equivalent. I really would rather get a van sooner than later. so perhaps some research into getting a personal loan, se what sort of money lending clout I have. hint.. not much.