Just keep swimming

So what the fuck have I done all week?

Activate brain thing. warning we detect the presence of alcamahol. cognitive function may be impaired.

Umm, I went to the dentist, hells yeah! and bonus my teeth aren't as bad as expected. the dentist was a little worried because i have been through a bunch of chemo so that can affect the food hole tools.

I also went and had an x-ray and now have to arrange appointments for fillings but that's what it takes.

I watched a government auction, and vans are way more expensive than I imagined, so my expectations are shifting. Instead of getting a longer term thing I am aiming for a break even as soon as possible and do the bare minimum to survive, so that means an old cheap shit van, do up the inside and when it fails, buy a new one and rip out the insides from one and put it in the new one.

It will make it a sort of iterative design which is okay.

Sold some things on gumtree, or did I do that already.. nope I sold them this week. My experience so far has been quite positive. I like to post little stories with my items so that reading them are at least entertaining. Most of the things I own have a story as to why I own it.

Paul has been helping me out with searching for vans, I still have to run my change of perception and plans past him to see what he thinks. he might think it's a good idea.

Arrgh, my loan application was rejected by the bank, I'm pretty beat up about it but have had so many friends help me with advice, I love people. :)
I have applied with a different one, but my hopes are dashed, and I am expecting to save for the things I want. it just means living in more poverty than desired for a longer period.

Test Drive
Didn't happen, wouldn't be like the video game anyway :|

So I was invited to confest, and my leave application for work was approved, so I'm going there!!! yay!!! I have to organise some sort of volunteering activity at some point this week.. it's late I know oops. I'm really looking forward to it, and have no idea what I'm doing haha.

I also scored a tent from some friends so that is awesome!

Week plans

  • Purchase sun shades, or rather street light shades for the car
  • Talk to Paul about my adjustment of plans
  • Work hard, earn my income
  • Arrange for new co-location of NAS
  • Organise more dentist appointments
  • Visit my sister and cook roast dinner for her family
  • Garage sale tomorrow morning
  • Put remaining furniture in storage
  • Pack for Confest, haha not much to do
  • Arrange Volunteering for Confest
  • Have fun at Confest
The sunshade thing is kind of funny, I plan on printing out a picture on to a piece of card of the view into my car from the window. so that it looks like nobody is home. sort of like that guy from the fifth element.
then I can exist semi invisibly inside my car without anyone except the extremely observant noticing.

I don't feel like I have stopped moving for a while so I'm going to do that now. I hope your life is easier than mine.