It's Not a Tumor

This is going a fair bit back in time and i'm pretty tired...

The GP tells me the results of the CT scan, two large soft tissue masses in my abdominal cavity, and a very small node on my liver. The larger of the two was about the size of my fist, and the other more like a golf ball. like WTF the size of my fist is huge... Well now we know that they exist i can feel the larger one, i kinda just thought it was a fairly chunky piece of feces not a full on tumor.

I don't like to get excited early, so I'm taking it pretty easy at the moment,  yes people get cancer all the time, but I don't get anything that interesting happen to me, let alone the big C. So let's not get too excited and find out what the course of action is.

My doctor books me in for a biopsy to find out what the tumors are made of.

My this point i have told all my good friends and family about the things that have been happening, so there is anticipation on many fronts, I can't go silent by this point or people will think the worst, but I had thoughts that perhaps I shouldn't have been so open with my medical stuff in case it does become a big deal. Well too late, open from the start, open to the finish.

The biopsy was done at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, again the staff were so good and friendly, I talked to them the entire way through the procedure. I am curious about all the things that need to be done, the process of the whole thing, and how to be the best patient so that they have simultaneously; all the information from me that they require with high signal to noise ratio, and that I am actively making their job and perhaps their day less stressful and easier so they like me, and will do an extra good job because I was such a good patient.

I think i was under the impression that i would be under general anaesthetic but they changed their minds to have it local. I always have to warn my doctors that i require two to three times the dosage for local so sure enough when he was administering it he ended up needing to fetch more :). I enjoy knowing how my body will react to certain things.

I also cannot stand being distracted by pointless conversation, however meaningful conversation is reasonable. I prefer to know exactly what is happening even if i don't want to look at it, I want to have confirmation that the prodding and tugging at my body means what I feel like it means. I often need to tell the nurses that I need to concentrate on the work as they attempt to distract me with inane but pleasant conversation.

they take a few tiny core samples from the tumors with a sort of long needle device, it was pretty weird, the quality of the staff made things much easier to bear.

It didn't take long to get results only a couple of days I think, Meanwhile I'm just thinking to myself "don't freak out, could be anything, chance of something bad is still tiny". heh, yeah.. guess who wins the shit lottery?