Things are getting a little hairy, I mean scary..

I do need to have a shave.

So this week, I checked out the price of storage units in Adelaide to store my things for the transition to van life, and its not super cheap, but it's totally doable.

For a nice sized unit with a garage style door it's about $225 a month, I don't need all the space, and i will be reducing my footprint over time, so if i could go halvsies with someone that would be nice, the next size option is about $70 cheaper, and then it gets slightly cheaper for even smaller spaces. so I might end up with the one with a normal door. This all has to be done by the end of march, however I will decide by next week and begin moving all my things out of my current place.

Downsizing, and selling
This coming week I will begin my campaign to sell the things I don't need but that still have value, My almost new fridge, rowing machine, paper shredder, little fan heater, ahh, I'm sure I had more things.

I have a bunch of old electronics and batteries that need recycling, unfortunately the recycling centre drop off point nearest me isn't open on the weekends :|. more research is required so i can make that happen, I don't really want to have to take the morning off work just to do some menial tasks.

With the ever present future bearing down upon me I really need to figure out what will be required for the interior of the van at the bare minimum shell level, and that means electronics, I guess technically I can just run conduit and have access points available for when I know more. but the knowing more will take some research. and in that regard, I'm starting to spreadsheet out the power requirements of the things I know I will want to use. In that way I can properly provide electricity for the estimated usage more clearly, and i might even be able to optimise away some of of the conversion that my appliances do when they convert from 240 to 12v. I also have thoughts about creating a sort of smart van that has sensors everywhere, on all the ports, inside and out, cameras etc. stream them all to the raspberry pi that my boss just gave me (thanks boss), and perhaps push that data out to the world on some pretty graph based website. I will need to do some consultation for that as electronics is new to me.

Interior Build Planning
I really didn't think this morning when i woke up that I would want to do anything like interior design but well here:

wait.. sorry wrong link.. here:

And I've already gotten some valuable feedback from some very kind people on reddit:

I always feel like that I haven't done enough to properly react to the impending future that is coming for me. This week I looked at prices of vans on gumtree, I was pleasantly surprised, and consider purchasing a POS to experiment with, but I feel that I don't have time for that, this is happening now and I need to get on board. I'm still a few months away from actually wanting to make a purchase, but I think now is the time to start looking so I get a better feel for the language and options that exist.

I haven't been going so well with learning electronics, a few late nights have messed with my sleep cycle, but i woke up nicely this morning so perhaps i can get it back on track this week. I have also been spending too much money on alcohol. the deep depression i live with is oozing to the surface in minor ways, but i'm still on top of things so I'm ok, and I am seeing a psych and i have found that it is helping.

This week was a bit of fail, i ended up eating out every day, but i got back on the horse this afternoon and cooked up some bulk meals from some cheap chicken, now i just have to think about some greens to add to the mix somehow.

This week
I think it might serve me well to plan what i want to achieve this coming week so..

  • [DONE] Decide and commit to storage solution
  • Photograph and make ready advertisements for gumtree
  • [DONE] Begin sorting trash from not trash and recycle things
  • [DONE] Learn how to calculate power requirements
  • Set aside living items for my transition into homelessness
    • Test fit into my car perhaps test sleep in car.
  • Use the gym at least once and the shower facilities
  • make ready to use the laundromat
  • Research community kitchens
  • Research community gardens
  • Research community workshops
  • Research power, light, moisture, temperature, location, sensors etc.
  • Plan to visit places saturday morning for interviews.
    • commercial vehicle fitters
    • van dwellers
    • rental agencies
  • Perhaps think about creating a timeline spreadsheet to track progress, project manage this shit.
  • [UGH] Drink less
Yeah so fingers crossed for a productive week.

Update: it was not a productive week.