The Chaotic Upside

"From Couch to Couch"
The story of going from the cancer couch to the nomad life of couch surfing.

Well that's just a shitty preliminary title. My mate Shannon just encouraged me to share my story of cancer recovery so what better way to do that than write random shit on a blog and see what sticks.

I'm going to start in the middle because that's where I am right now, In my favourite harem pants, in my favourite cafe, sitting in front of the window overlooking prospect road, drinking my usual mug of flat white coffee with three sugars.

I just asked Mark, the owner of the cafe, for a work trial when he begins opening at night in March. This would be my second job, my first is working for an IT firm in the central business district of my hometown Adelaide.

What am I doing? can I handle two jobs? Can this truly be happening? I've only just gotten back into full time work and I am piling on more?

I've just decided to get a storage locker for my things and couch surf for a few months whilst I sort out my van. My sister needs me to sit her house for April, My besty Annie needs me to sit her place whilst she travels, and I'm sure there are similar opportunities elsewhere.

Can I be technically homeless? Will I be able to live out of a backpack? Will I find enough couches to crash on? Am I being swept into my destiny before I know it?

I just decided to write down my experiences in story format for my mate Shannon and perhaps a bit of catharsis. A place to sort of explain the changes that I am going through, a place to try and make sense of the life rushing to meet me.

Will it be entertaining? Can I follow through on the commitment? Will it even make sense to anyone? does any of that matter?

Every action I take has associated doubts that used to slow me down or prevent me from moving forward, but for some reason the urgency I feel is overriding these concerns and pushes me towards action.


I messaged one of my high school mates Mish on a whim, just to see if he was back in town and he called me immediately, said he wanted to come past the cafe. Now... The cafe is called 'The Upside', and in Mish's typical jovial nature, he said something random that caused the stars to align for me. He named the cafe 'The Chaotic Upside' which is a reference to when three young naive boys wanted to start a business venture together, Shannon, Mish, and myself. The three people who would be in The Upside this afternoon, the two longest lasting friends I have. Right when everything in my life is changing so fast, I can feel a push forward, I just don't know where at all I'm heading.

Look, I don't know if anyone ever reads this, I guess the motivation for writing needs to come from within rather than external factors, and for me it is a kind of catharsis, but if you do read this then please leave a comment saying hi.