Isn't life exciting

Or rather, I'm perfectly capable in times of crisis, but am pretty quickly learning that the piper must be paid at some point.

It's been two and a bit years since I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (or DSRCT for short) so my memory will be a little hazy. I also tend to push uncomfortable thoughts aside so they fade quicker.

My life was pretty good as far as I could tell. I had an awesome group of friends. I was fitter than I had ever been and had a very active life, I lived by myself and invited guests over often and we jumped around being silly and it was fun. My job was stable and mildly entertaining, my co-workers were good people. I was confident with women and had people around me with good judgement to bring me back to earth. It wasn't all fun but things were relatively good compared to where I had come from and I don't want to bring other people into this unless they form a positive story arc.

It started after  particularly delicious BBQ in the parklands of south terrace that may have been for Annie's homecoming, or Birthday, I don't remember, but it was fun and the food was awesome, and we were all there. I had delicious steak and sausages and lots of heavy meat.

Over the next week I had a lot of quite strong wind. I'm not unfamiliar with wind having suffered through bouts of it over many years, so i was just thinking a bit of poking in the stomach to get things moving about and a few days and I would be fine. But it lasted a week, and was intense enough to make me stay home from work.. so like a good boy I went to the doctor.

Diagnosis was that it was likely to be Diverticulitis which is a very common ailment, so common in fact that it was almost a no brainer, but I was a bit young for it. The basic gist is that because of poor diet, your intestinal wall gets a lesion which expands into an infected bubble of sorts, the fix is as simple as eating better. I believe this was in november 2015

wait.. now that I think about it I remember that I had had pretty serious wind a few months prior that I almost went to the doctor for, and it went away so I didnt. I kind of made a rule for myself after this that if the symptoms don't go away after 48 hours, seek medical advice.

Anyway.. Back on track, doctors I see tend to be ok to awesome at their job, I think that's luck of the draw or something, so my doctor advised that I get a CT scan to make sure. Can you imagine if that had have cost me money I wouldn't have done it? bless the medical system in Australia.

I think either the same day, or within the week I was back in the medical place where I had to drink down heaps of this lame bland orange mixture and sit around for ages for it to go through my guts before the scan. That was my first CT scan ever, and honestly I think they are kind of fun and futuristic, I think they could do with some clear plastic shells so you can see what the innards are doing, and some more blue flashing lights or some shit. Radiology staff have always been fun to talk to and take direction from.

This is getting a bit long so I'll come back next week with the scan results.