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Isn't life exciting

Or rather, I'm perfectly capable in times of crisis, but am pretty quickly learning that the piper must be paid at some point.

It's been two and a bit years since I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (or DSRCT for short) so my memory will be a little hazy. I also tend to push uncomfortable thoughts aside so they fade quicker.

My life was pretty good as far as I could tell. I had an awesome group of friends. I was fitter than I had ever been and had a very active life, I lived by myself and invited guests over often and we jumped around being silly and it was fun. My job was stable and mildly entertaining, my co-workers were good people. I was confident with women and had people around me with good judgement to bring me back to earth. It wasn't all fun but things were relatively good compared to where I had come from and I don't want to bring other people into this unless they form a positive story arc.


Things are getting a little hairy, I mean scary..

I do need to have a shave.

So this week, I checked out the price of storage units in Adelaide to store my things for the transition to van life, and its not super cheap, but it's totally doable.

For a nice sized unit with a garage style door it's about $225 a month, I don't need all the space, and i will be reducing my footprint over time, so if i could go halvsies with someone that would be nice, the next size option is about $70 cheaper, and then it gets slightly cheaper for even smaller spaces. so I might end up with the one with a normal door. This all has to be done by the end of march, however I will decide by next week and begin moving all my things out of my current place.

Downsizing, and selling
This coming week I will begin my campaign to sell the things I don't need but that still have value, My almost new fridge, rowing machine, paper shredder, little fan heater, ahh, I'm sure I had more things.

I have a bunch of old electronics and batt…

The Chaotic Upside

"From Couch to Couch"
The story of going from the cancer couch to the nomad life of couch surfing.

Well that's just a shitty preliminary title. My mate Shannon just encouraged me to share my story of cancer recovery so what better way to do that than write random shit on a blog and see what sticks.

I'm going to start in the middle because that's where I am right now, In my favourite harem pants, in my favourite cafe, sitting in front of the window overlooking prospect road, drinking my usual mug of flat white coffee with three sugars.

I just asked Mark, the owner of the cafe, for a work trial when he begins opening at night in March. This would be my second job, my first is working for an IT firm in the central business district of my hometown Adelaide.

What am I doing? can I handle two jobs? Can this truly be happening? I've only just gotten back into full time work and I am piling on more?

I've just decided to get a storage locker for my things and cou…