Van planning at last...

So i've been interested in van life for a while, and now that I have overcome the cancer and have gotten a job it's time to start planning the build.. here is this mornings brainstorm:

ok this morning i was thinking about making a list of van manufacturers who
sell in australia and find out what the deal is with their vans
* Mercedes - Sprinter
* Volkswagen - Transporter
* Ford - Transit
* Renault -Master
* Fiat - Ducato
* Toyota - HiAce
* Hyundai - iLoad

so what are the considerations for purchasing
* Initial Price
* Repair price
* Mod difficulty
    * Interior
    * exterior
    * Engine
* Efficiency
    * Petrol or whatever
* Stealthiness
    * looks like a commercial van
* Volume dimensions
    * Must be tall enough to stand comfortably after build out.
    * long wheel base
* reviews and ratings

What are the things I want?
* Nerdy Shit
    * Interior and exterior cameras
    * NAS
    * Local web server
    * Reporting and control via mobile network like the model S
    * home automation
    * Short throw projector and back wall screen for cinema experience inside
      the van, reversable image, and open back doors for outdoor cinema
    * Speakers mounted near rear door hinges
* Network
    * Ethernet, just a couple of ports inside the van.
    * Wifi, for guests and simple shit, perhaps war driving, directional long
      range transmitter/receiver with automatic motorised calibration attached
      to roof like a reporters van :P dreams lol.
    * Mesh networking node, for participation in community networks
    * Mobile Network, for security tracking incase of theft, and remote control
* Interior
    * Water Storage
    * Toilet
    * Kitchen
    * Bed
    * Storage
    * mounting hooks for guest hammock
* Exterior
    * Solar for internal power
    * Roof Racks for long term storage
    * Awning for a porch when stationary
    * Hot Water, because
    * Vents, smelly interior and australian heat
    * Environmental conditioning, depending on electrical consumption
* Engine
    * eventual switch to electric?
* Stealthiness
    * looks like a commercial van
    * Corporate looking paint job
* Volume dimensions
    * Must be tall enough to stand comfortably after build out.
    * long wheel base for extra living room

So I guess each weekend I will try to work on some aspect of the project, pushing forward the first thing I want to do is to research the various options on the market starting with brand new vans, not that I will be purchasing brand new, I just want to check them out from the perspective of what the organisation wants to sell me on, perhaps they might be able to offer some insight that I hadn't thought of.

Fingers crossed.