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Recycling: rpi + tv = Video and Photo Billboard

This is going to be a bit wordy so if you like skip to the Implementation

I have an old laptop attached to my piano as a sort of turnkey machine for Synthsia it runs Manjaro Linux, a derivative of Arch. So I was updating this laptop when it kind of occurred to me to try to make the tv attached to it have an AppleTV Aerial like video display, jealous as I was of my mate Simon's setup. Luckily arch had an aur package that downloaded the videos.

Using xscreensaver and a custom command with mplayer, which was really easy to google, thanks random ubuntu forum user marric for the info. I'll reproduce here:

programs: \         "My Movies" mplayer -shuffle -nosound -really-quiet \         -nolirc -nostop-xscreensaver -wid \         $XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW -fs -loop 0 \         $HOME/Path/to/my/movies/* \n\          maze -root \n\

So that worked perfectly.

Fast forward a week, and I was walking through the shed at my share-house, where there …