Live Streaming 04 - that was almost smooth.

So we're up to four weeks in a row on the streaming front, the real tests are yet to come.

Smiddy and I mixed things up a little this time, where he was doing the coding and I was watching and talking him through it. It was really good IMHO, things progressed without much in the way of pauses or delays. I bit my tongue when it came to code style because there are more important things in life.

Anyway, the bad... Audio continues to be a PITA, this time we forgot to hook up my outputs to the stream, so you can only hear me through smiddy's mic. Next time we're going to use my rodelink lapel mike as a sort of boom and have it hanging in the middle infront of us so we can all be picked up sort of evenly.

The good :). the quality of the video is now great, we can always increase the bandwidth to sharpen up the text a bit more, and maybe code in a lower res than 1920x1080 so that it becomes clearer.. hmm I'll add that to the trello.

The latency from the streaming from my pc to smiddy's is now fantastic, I'm really glad we got that working well. And our setup time is dropping every time we do it. So things are on the up and up.

There is still a lot of things in the trello board that can be improved upon. but I think we're in a good spot. Lets hope that motivation continues at the current pace. I'm a little worried about getting a job and how that will affect my coding during the week, currently i spend most of my spare time thinking about or working on the project. Its nice to come back after a week and show progress.

On the project itself, I mean its a silly little app called DoTheThing, and it's sort of a visual analogue to the standard command line. it doesn't solve the world problems, or even solve anything that isn't already solved. But its a nice simple paradigm to work on and find catharsis of coding with.

Even the simplest ideas can be iterated over to become more interesting, and I'm finding the more I work on this little thing the more complex it is becoming, even though it's a super simple idea. Anyway, I will continue to put in effort. I want to make it clean enough that when I abandon it I feel that it is a solid piece of work and stands on its own merit. It is teaching me a lot about qt and thats sort of the point.

I really enjoy collaborating with people on things. I hope I can get more of this in the future.