Live Streaming 02 - Fail

Attempt No 2 to be productive was kind of a massive failure.

Using all the tools from the week of testing and research led to a big fat nothing. and troubleshooting at the time went no where.

What went well?
I showed up on time, which was pretty good considering I was a little hung over, tired from one of my good friends 30th birthday celebration the night before.
Smiddy and I agree on the general gist and direction of where we want to go and how we wanted to manage it.

What failed?
Streaming anything from my computer to his. I'm going to explain our difficulties with a lack of available brain power due to external factors.

After last week's attempt at streaming and getting at least 1000ms of latency between my computer and smiddy's on the local network which in my opinion is not really good enough at all, I spent my time researching options and doing some testing. I ended up with some pretty tight scripts that worked on my local pc, high enough quality that I could play first person shooters by only watching the stream. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was good enough.

The rough gist is that I chose the right options in ffmpeg to create the stream, and then used mplayer to view. I thought it worked. I had even pulled out an old eeepc to view the stream to test it over the network.

When it came to today though, it wouldn't connect. and then when it did it locally it wouldn't connect. I was basically tearing my hair out not knowing what had changed.

After a few hours of trying to find out how to make this work we gave up and I went to another friends house to play games.

When i got home tonight I picked it back up and in the quiet of the night time, I at least found a few of the issues I was having.

Firstly, it appears as though mplayer doesn't do name resolution eg. mplayer udp://localhost:1234 fails. but mplayer udp:// works...

Second, I couldn't get it to work over the local network, It just wouldnt establish a connection.

So I went back to the guides offered on the internet and learned a little about netcat so that I could use it to make the connection and pipe my video stream through it, and.. it works, well enough anyway.

This guy right here: he knows, my scripts are now basically just a copy of his.

Its like when I bake a cake, the first time I follow the instructions pretty much to the letter and it turns out great, then the second time I modify it a bit, and it always turns out worse.. but I learn more during the bad times.

anyway, I'm kind of sick of dealing with this now and I hope next time it just works.