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Live Streaming 04 - that was almost smooth.

So we're up to four weeks in a row on the streaming front, the real tests are yet to come.
Smiddy and I mixed things up a little this time, where he was doing the coding and I was watching and talking him through it. It was really good IMHO, things progressed without much in the way of pauses or delays. I bit my tongue when it came to code style because there are more important things in life.
Anyway, the bad... Audio continues to be a PITA, this time we forgot to hook up my outputs to the stream, so you can only hear me through smiddy's mic. Next time we're going to use my rodelink lapel mike as a sort of boom and have it hanging in the middle infront of us so we can all be picked up sort of evenly.
The good :). the quality of the video is now great, we can always increase the bandwidth to sharpen up the text a bit more, and maybe code in a lower res than 1920x1080 so that it becomes clearer.. hmm I'll add that to the trello.

The latency from the streaming from my pc …

Livestreaming 03 - Success, mostly

Once again I'm going to write down my thoughts on how things went for Smiddy and I during the live streaming thingo we do on Sundays.

Firstly, I was early by 15 minutes, thats a good start, we gave ourselves an extra hour to figure out the setup, and our online testing and experimentation of using netcat to pipe stream data to each other helped us troubleshoot the simple script errors we encountered early on. we got all the streams we wanted setup with about five minutes to spare before our self appointed timeslot.

Then we started the introduction, and after a few minutes Smiddy noticed we weren't streaming audio, DOH. After a re-start, things tended towards the smooth.

The challenges I felt with having an actual working streaming thingo was that I was actually live as me on the internet... shit shit shit... oh well, keep going and it will become normalised. The internet is a scary place, and I hope not to get noticed by scary types. Only luck will prevail.

After concluding t…

Dance Classes are Learning Opportunities

Ever been in a class and thought ‘yep I know this’ and then just went through the motions hoping that an unknown snippet of information will escape the teacher or for the manifestation of some happy insight? I’m pretty sure that’s how most people operate anyway, either copying or waiting for a eureka moment.

Live Streaming 02 - Fail

Attempt No 2 to be productive was kind of a massive failure.

Using all the tools from the week of testing and research led to a big fat nothing. and troubleshooting at the time went no where.

What went well?
I showed up on time, which was pretty good considering I was a little hung over, tired from one of my good friends 30th birthday celebration the night before.
Smiddy and I agree on the general gist and direction of where we want to go and how we wanted to manage it.

What failed?
Streaming anything from my computer to his. I'm going to explain our difficulties with a lack of available brain power due to external factors.

After last week's attempt at streaming and getting at least 1000ms of latency between my computer and smiddy's on the local network which in my opinion is not really good enough at all, I spent my time researching options and doing some testing. I ended up with some pretty tight scripts that worked on my local pc, high enough quality that I could play …