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Live Streaming 01

My mate Matt and I decided that we want to stream our paired programming sessions to youtube. We've only completed one stream so far, and like all things keeping consistency is key so i'm hopeful for the future.
Since we dont get to see the stream live while we are doing it because of audio feedback etc, we have to take some things on faith, like audio quality etc, and hope for the best.. this post mortem is my attempt at reviewing the footage after the fact and making notes on what we did and how we can make it better next time.

I might even make an edit of the footage cutting out the things I think are shit or boring. try to reduce its length.

The Stream itself.
The Streaming Setup Because of the way we wanted to make things work, it took us a couple of hours to get started. and once we were started we quickly found limitations in what we were doing, and worked on solving them during the first streaming session.
The idea was that I would stream a…