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Long Format Diary Entry

Being inspired by other blogs and media, and general good response from other people. plus is nice to keep a diary.

* OS Re-Install
* Enrolling to vote
* Cancer treatment anxiety
* What I would do with universal income

This week I was working on my pc, actually looking at the c++ Core Guidelines and the Guideline support library. I found that Linux Mint 17.3 which is based off ubuntu 14.0.4 only ships with gcc 4.8 which has support only for c++11 standard and I wanted to mess with stuff that relies on c++14 standard... so its upgrade time.

No new version of mint are available, they will be releasing beta's for stuff in June. so lets go hunting
I hate hunting for a new OS, it's time consuming and a waste of everyone's time.
OK, so distrowatch to the rescue for most popular which ~= easiest to get running.

Everything is based off debian these days, lets try that... I like bleeding edge so debian testing? nope, installer fails, try at least 5-10 times using variations to see…