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The elusiveness of wild abandon.

I have a problem, well it's not a problem really, but it's part of my personality which I am finally able to accept and own. The feelings of feeling guilt, frustration, disappointment, associated with this now have a handle onto which I can grasp, and maybe in the future can change.

I hold back the best of me, and the worst too, for people I am romantically interested in. In no other activity is this more illustrated to me than in dancing.

Long Format Diary Entry

Being inspired by other blogs and media, and general good response from other people. plus is nice to keep a diary.

* OS Re-Install
* Enrolling to vote
* Cancer treatment anxiety
* What I would do with universal income

This week I was working on my pc, actually looking at the c++ Core Guidelines and the Guideline support library. I found that Linux Mint 17.3 which is based off ubuntu 14.0.4 only ships with gcc 4.8 which has support only for c++11 standard and I wanted to mess with stuff that relies on c++14 standard... so its upgrade time.

No new version of mint are available, they will be releasing beta's for stuff in June. so lets go hunting
I hate hunting for a new OS, it's time consuming and a waste of everyone's time.
OK, so distrowatch to the rescue for most popular which ~= easiest to get running.

Everything is based off debian these days, lets try that... I like bleeding edge so debian testing? nope, installer fails, try at least 5-10 times using variations to see…