Random Project Thought: Custom robots trained to move using AI.

I was thinking about robots today, probably because of the concept robots blog which i am subscribed to, and the thought occurred to me of how it would be fun to build your own virtual robots.

Surely this has been done before, pretty sure I've seen games based on this already.

So the simple idea is that you provide an interface to construct 3D objects and join them together with standard joints, like ball and socket, hinge, cylinder, etc.

But programming up the movement algorithms seems like a big leap, and animating them by hand seems problematic, but i guess it would be ok.

So something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yci5FuI1ovk

Training the actions required would be aligned to the typical first person shooter controls.

The system by itself could be done quite poorly, but with some thought into the user interactions it could be a good opportunity to make a good deathmatch game.

If you didnt quite train your robot well enough it would show while in use and you could target re-training on certain movement algorithms.

Anyway.. better out inthe world than in my head. I get ideas like this so often and don't have the time/skill to realise them/.