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Shade Structure #2

Continuing on from previous post about the shade structure I was building...

It took a few weeks to find enough material for the tent inner. My sister Kathryn helped me with a really good piece of advice; quilt covers from 2nd hand stores are usually the cheapest way to get large pieces of fabric. She also gave me lot of spare cloth of varying shapes and sizes in suitcases that she would never use.

My lovely friend Alissa offered to help me build the thing just days before she went on holiday. She has an overlocker that really sped up the production. It still took two nights, and roughly 14 hours on the thing. and it was huge.. like super huge, totally unmanageable.
Now that I had my inner cloth, and the outer poles, I needed to test it out.

I enlisted to the help of Smiddy and Josh, who came over one afternoon. We walked to the local park and got started. There was a creche of children next door to the park and these kids were curiously shouting at us "what are you doing",…