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Shade Structure

I want to buy a shade tent for when I go to the beach with friends, it needs to be big enough to accommodate a group of people. I was walking into tent shops and I liked the look of this Coleman Event 14 but at the time I didn't have $300 to spare (I've seen it advertised for $250 in other shops these days). The sales guy/manager in the store I was in jerked me off at that time so I don't want to give him business and haven't been back

Fast forward a couple of years, still haven't purchased a shade structure. A Google search for shade structure gives me and I like what I'm seeing. It really fits with the DIY culture I've been getting into lately.

I'm happy to spend incremental amounts, even pay a little more if I'm learning something. I decided its something I believe I can make, so I get designing.

Blender is a  great free tool for lots of reason :D