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Linux Software Wishlist/rant #1


I'm a Linux user, who by default will use a FLOSS solution or nothing. Primarily due to budget, but also philosophically because using a cracked proprietary solution is as good as paying them with my time.

Often I am wanting to do something on my computer, I look for software to help and am stuck with poorly implemented solutions with little to no documentation. I'm pretty good at working around the limitations and trawling forums to find a way through, but I wish it were easier.

Sometimes I write about it, most of the time its such a small and inconsequential thing that I don't.

Often times I am confronted with the reality that I need to get back into study, brush up my maths and get back to university to learn programming so I can resolve the problems myself either through contributing to an existing project, or starting a new one.

Today my problem was was the shitty video editing solutions that exist. I've tried multiple products like openshot, kdenlive, avid…


For a couple of years now I've wanted to go surfing, but never managed to find someone to go with. It's always been a bit of a shit scenario for me. Well last year, my friend Michael said we would go, but we both ended up being too lazy. This year we said we'd go and this time I was going to, no matter what.

So... I organise my first ever surf trip, and it turns out that Michael had to work. True to my word I went ahead anyway, posting the the event on Facebook in case anyone else was interested. Ended up that there are a lot of people on my friends list who have always wanted to surf but haven't. They just needed someone else to do the planning, provide the impetus. On this first occasion, I had one friend, Ailsa, who came with me. Now after 3-4 months, we have a crew of about six regulars, and additional people numbering up to the twenty something. Everyone always has a great time.

Initial research into how to get started began with looking on-line at the different …