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Learning Piano with Synthesia, Xubuntu

Umm yeah, so I was sick for the past week, and with no work and avoiding dance(so i dont make anyone else sick) I spent some time working on springrts, then I got bored of that re-arrange my room, reinstalled xubuntu on my old pc that was sitting dormant, got wine and Synthesia installed, tweaked it till it worked as expected, and now I am finally set.

I'm a lazy learner, basically I will take the fastest route to achieve something, problem is; that is short term mentality. The long route actually proves to be faster so I have to engineer my environment so that I can't be lazy.

When it comes to Synthesia, I've turned off all hints except for the sheet music, this forces me to look at the notes to figure out what to play next, and its painfully slow as a beginner. But I know that if I don't give in to my lazy brain that eventually I will be able to read sheet music.
And the next version of synthesia is shaping up to be super awesome, seriously this program is worth the…