Dancing, Prancing, Performing.


I've wanted to revisit salsa on my blog for a while now, I should have posted right after my first performance a month or so ago, but I'm too lazy. Anyway...

11-13 classes a week now. 4 performance routines, 5 nights a week social dancing, more friends, family, fun, FANTASTIC... seriously good stuff.

I feel like I was washed out to sea last year, and now I'm riding the salsa wave back to the shore for a wiked beach party.

So lets talk about social evenings here in little ol' Adelaide, and performances.

From what I am aware of, there is salsa almost every night of the week.

Weekly social dancing:

Day of the weekHost StudioVenue
TuesdayLa bombaCasablabla
WednesdayLatino GroovesThe Arkaba
WednesdayLatin Dance NationThe Caledonian
ThursdaySalsa ConnectionTapas
FridayLa bombaThe Talbot Hotel
SaturdayLa bombaThe Talbot Hotel

Less frequent are:

Every second FridayLatino Grooves Studio
First Sunday of the monthLatin Dance NationZoots

Event VenuesThe Governor Hindmarsh
The Arkaba

I'm sure there is more, I just havent found them yet.

Ive started building a public map of adelaide salsa locations,  doesnt have everything on it yet, just comment on the post to have something added.

View Adelaide Salsa Locations in a larger map

Performances, well... I had my first performance night for the Latino Grooves school concert. I was in the intermediate and the mens shines performance routines. And the intermediate performances were first in line on the night.

Cant tell you how much I appreciated being first up, no expectations.

One thing that struck me was the incredible bone chilling nervousness that I encountered right before going on stage, then the I could give a fuck feeling once the music started. Had a blast.. But was far too concerned to make a good performance of it. I just did all the moves with average quality, and managed to get out the other end without making a fool of myself.. So it went really well for a first attempt.

The mens shines performance was a little better being my second ever performance, I was already ready for the nervousness that I was going to get. During tech rehearsal I tripped and fell flat on my arse so was very worried that it might happen again, it didnt :)

I had a lot of my family there for support, it was great to have them there.

People were happy with the routines, and I won an award for most dedicated YAY!

I will add pictures later.