Second day in Russia

Hmm seems I cant remember what happened this morning. so lets start with the afternoon.

Dropped off ev and mum at the apartment because they were wanting to spend some quiet time. Ban Kath and I jumped on the subway to check out some cool stations. there were some nice statues in some and tile work. we were there at peak hour which was really busy, but not as busy as i thought. seems russians are quite a polite bunch in general, there isnt loads of pushing or shoving. just migration.

There was at some point some army or cadet looking people who we were advised might be a bit belligerent as they get time off base to party. but I didn't see any incidents.

We met up with Katya after rush hour and went to the bar/restaurant to re-negotiate their reception dinner, as the place had fired the previous manager. it was interesting watching Katya negotiate her way through the difficulties, and both parties were very polite.

The four of us then hit up another sushi place, i have to say that the variety of dishes they advertise on well photographed easy to understand menu's was pretty staggering. the size of the venue is pretty large too. dunno how much it costs here for the meals as ban wont let us pay (kind of frustrating to me).

we got more alcohol for drinks, and boy do these people make them strong. good times were had i believe, and i learned a little more about ban and katya

subway ride home was uneventful,and now i'm here.

WWhat happened before.. ahh,,, woke up really early, or late. time difference is 6 hours or so and our bodies havent really adjusted. ate brekky, and coffee yum. went to some flower markets and bought some rasberries. looked at produce which was really neatly laid. rode the subway. and then checked out some restaurant/cafe.

They served us up some weird food, Ban got half a baby chook by accident, and had to swap with me. It had an excellent flavour, but was really hard to eat. I swapped again with Kath.

Then went to a church, and then home to supermarket and to drop off Ev and mum.