Post Wedding Wrap Up.

ITs been a few days since ive posted anything, mainly because its been really busy being drunk and hungover :D

Friday we were taken to see the Kremlin. Katya had organised through a friend to give us a tour, and we were really surprised and honoured to have a private tour just for our family, and we skipped the lineup, Amazing. Katya didnt join us however as she needed to go to her aunties place to get ready for the wedding the next day.

Once inside the Kremlin gates the first stop was a place called the Armoury, which is the name of the building. The Armoury is the treasury and it housed the exhibition of the riches and gifts that have been collected by the Tzar's and rulers over the centuries. It was overwhelming the opulance and richness of the collection on display. what was especially fascinating was the carriages. But i think i liked the clothing the best.

We were then taken on a tour of the grounds, and of the cathedrals. it was pretty fantastic. We only were allowed to take photos of the outside area, none of the interiors of the buildings.

Later that night Bannie took me out to a strip club, and it was interesting. the place was packed with girls. and I mean packed.

Saturday we woke up and got prepared for the wedding day. Guests started arriving outside the apartment to be picked up by minibus and cars. and luckily most of Bannies friends speak English quite well. Svatislav and his wife were running late, it seemed to take forever to leave. Because i was part of the wedding party, i got to ride in the limo, something i have never done before. it was a pretty crummy car even though it looks good in photos.

The drive down the highway to the aunties place took forever, the limo driver was going so slow :\ and it was at least an hour out of town, so the drive took something like 90 minutes or more. The aunties place was very nice, with a great garden. and the ceremony was a bit ad hock since there was no time to rehearse beforehand. everything went really well, with all the speeches being done both in russian and english.

Then food was available and we drank toasts. Had to leave with the wedding party to take photos in a park, it was a beautiful park and filled with brides all doing the same thing. i got to chat with the brides maids, too bad they were both married already :(.

Then we went to the reception, some funny ceremonies like mixing drinks of various virtues where Bannie sculled the tenderness glass. then a loaf of bread they had to bite a chunk out of to see who would wear the pants in the marriage. the gift giving, then we could sit and eat.. too bad the games interrupted so much, and the speeches and everything else.. i didnt get to eat much.. but had plenty of chance to scull the vodka at the table...

Katya and Bannie did a dance that was both hilarious and brought our family to tears. Speeches went off without a hitch, I was glad because it was the most nerve racking thing.. good thing i had had enough vodka at the time.

I got roped into playing various games. and had to wear a silly hat to encourage others to drink. too bad i ended up getting really really wasted and had to be taken care of by people.. still feeling bad about that but it went well.

Apparrently i danced with a bunch of people. but all i can remember is dancing with Katya. i fell over a few times and have bruises, and vomiting has made my chest hurt from the strain.

All of my family had a great time. and i think that everyone else did too, not that I can remember much now :(. I dont remember how i got back home, or anything.. just that i passed out pretty easily.

Katya's father Sergey was so kind to take care of me during my drunken stupor. I just wish I could have remained sober enough to make friends with people,, or remember the friendships I made.

Woke up feeling ok, but deteriorated somewhat. we went back to aunt tanya's place for food and spent the whole day eating(some of us drinking, not me) and laughing. there was some surprise dancing, and an accordian.

We came home and swapped photos before going to sleep.

I still have to upload a bunch of photos so i will update this post soon.