Home again, Home again

My Brother wanted me to do a final wrap up.

Its now a week since ive been back.. and what an week. I swear OMG.

We didnt have any difficulty on the plane home, once again sitting in the three middle seats in row 37. I watched a few movies. The adjustment beuro was a surprise. Rango got better towards the end.

Evelyn still hadnt gotten over her anxiety of airports comfortable with the help of Kathryn and myself, but I must have been tired because I kept reading things wrong.

John and Ben with kids picked us up from the airport, there were many hugs and such things. we dropped off Kathryn and I thanked her for keeping me sane.

John and I had a pleasant catch up in the car. and as soon as I was at mums I jumped in my car and drove to the Arkaba hotel for some salsa social dancing.

I'm pretty sure I smelled really bad, but when I asked, people couldnt tell. I got tipsy and danced with my friends and some strangers. I was fully awake because of the time difference and had a blast. but it was time to go home because I had to work the next day.

A shower was brilliant, caught up with Hanna and Adam. First question that came out of Hanna's mouth was "did you have sex with a russian girl?" seriously wtf, I didnt have much of a chance to while I was there, It was all mostly touring and wedding stuff.

Waking up for work was super easy, I felt great still high on my fun in Russia. got to work and attempted to get back into the groove. just after lunch at about 12:30 jetlag smashed me in the face and I couldnt stay awake while sitting in my chair. I was nodding for about 20 minutes before I gave up and  asked to go home.

Friday was the same, just couldnt stay awake after lunch. weird thing was that  after a couple of hours I was fine again, so Thursday I went to my usual Salsa classes, Columbian style, mens shines performance, and intermediate performance. Then home for sleep. Friday I crashed out at kelly's place for a few hours, she had purchased this really awesome remote control helicopter we had some fun with. And I got a superman band aid for my hand after playing hospital with her and Alyssa

Friday night I wanted to partay but there wasnt anyone I knew out.. then Natalie called and I was totally there and Hanna came with. we drank at the Bar on Gouger street, then moved to the Talbot for some salsa awesome where I caught up with Juan and Con. we danced the night away and I must have gotten really drunk because the next thing I knew I was waking up on Kathryns Couch at 3pm...WTF.

I crashed out again and woke up at 6pm had a shower ate some(lots) of McDonalds and went to  the Governor hindmarsh for a salsa party where I danced till 2am and didnt want to stop.

I must say that I was mostly well behaved the whole time.. only one slightly dodgy thing that I did was funny so no harm done, except perhaps to my ego.

I slept in my car this time and woke up at 10am to drive home... spent the day doing nothing much. crashed out at 5:30 expecting to sleep through the night, but I woke up at 9:30 and could only doze till morning. which didnt make my monday very pleasant.

But I powered through monday and at one point I was nodding off to sleep at my desk while performing my job. I have no idea how I managed it but I did. I cant believe how bad jetlag is, granted I havent helped very much with all the partying ive been doing.

Things here have returned to normal. My high from being in russia has calmed down. Ive got some great memories. Bonded with my siblings, mother and Katya's family. Learned a thing or two more about the planet.

I feel really safe here in Adelaide, out civil laws sort of guarantee a certain level of consistancy. and that is comforting. In Moscow you always have to be on your toes, its kind of exiting that way too.

I've given out all the Souvineers but one that I purchased, the last one is mine. Rosie was hilarious while she was opening the doll and discovered 3 more levels that expected. so lovely.

I'm back doing work full time and feel productive again, and doing salsa in the evenings. Life is pretty amazing right now. Only one thing is missing and my friends know what that is.

To Address Lachlans comments on facebook:
1# The brides maids both spoke english, as did many of the guests.
2# Most obvious difference in the strip club was the allowance of touching. I'm far too embaressed to be feeling up a girl infront of a bunch of other girls and dudes.. might aswell be in an orgy afaic. and the girls are prettier( I havent been to a stop club in adelaide since we went for Wendy's birthday enough said right!)
3# I remember them both wearing pants.. I think they have multiple pairs so "the" pants doesnt really count. Bannister doesnt wear a skirt however ;)

Moscow was fun, I would go back for sure. but after some other places.

Here's a link to my moscow album, ive still got a few photo's to gather from people but its mostly there.