Day of the Official Wedding

I got suckered into taking care of a huge fuck off mini dv camera. 16 times zoom blah blah.. anyway..

Katya's parents were going to arrive at 8am, so we had to be ready by then. I was hoping not to sleep in and luckily I didn't. Everyone is getting along quite well considering there are four of us in the lounge room, and my brother and the bride in the bedroom. 2 room apartment 6 people. were living in each others pockets.

Katya and Ban were dressed in matching clothes, photo's to come. and Katya looked very pretty. Her family arrived at 8am very punctual. New none of them know any English, and none of us know any Russian so conversations consisted of hand waving and facial expressions, quite a limited vocabulary. Sometimes I couldn't be bothered that they didn't understand me and I spoke at them with some small body signals to help along.
Driving around looking for a park

There were quite a few family shots taken in the morning before we left. We piled into a VW van with so many differences, retractable window shades built into the body, rotating chairs on tracks, and the usual comforts. We felt like importing one to Aus if it weren't for the left hand drive.

First stop was the registration office where the official business was conducted. There were about 8 groups of families all waiting on couches for their turn at the signing of the papers. We all conversed as best we could and took more photos. There were some alright brides maids there ;) not that I would be able to talk to any of them.

Kathryn and I got camera duty, and went into the official place first. They had a live 8 or so piece orchestra with harp playing the bridal waltz, it was fairly cool. then the papers were signed after some Russian speech and we were done, very short.

Second stop was the Kremlin but parking was shocking, we circled four or five times before we found legitimate parks, others were parking anywhere they could stick their car, even so much at to double and triple park in some places.

There were a few important places we needed to take photos of the bride and groom at, so we headed to red square taking photo's along the way.

Third stop for the day was lunch with the family at an authentic Ukrainian  place, there was lard in everything :\ we ate well and I got a bit bloated. Kathryn had some vodka, which she had been hanging out for for the whole time we were here. and we joked around with each other. I'm pleasantly surprised how lovely Katya and her family are, we all got along so well.

After dinner we came back to the apartment, and I was nodding asleep in the car, I don't know why I am so tired. Ev and Kath just went to check out the supermarket by themselves, Ban and Katya went to spend their first night as a married couple together at some hotel, and I'm sitting here tired as all buggery, still stressing about the speech I have to give on Saturday, how drunk I will probably get, and the fact that I am breaking down into mild tears about once a day now. I hope I can hold it together well enough to fulfill the honour he has given be by naming me best man.

Well its time to see if I can got some of those pictures off my sisters and mum to add to these blog posts and gallery I keep.