Better late than never anyway.

First time I've ever written something on the plane

This eee is a good size, and the salsa music on my phone makes this a lot easier.

I think I left off the journey the night after the day after the wedding.

Family times at aunt Tanyas place was a lot of fun, its too bad I was seedy from the night before or I could have had much more fun.

Anyway, woke up the next morning for some shopping day. It was monday and Katya had to get to work, although she said that it was more of a celebration day for starting the new job than actual work.

We caught the metro to a fantasy fair like market, but it was almost deserted. We found out later that saturday is the normal big day that the market goes off, so it was fairly quiet.

Actually it was ghostly, at one point we had 3 stray dogs tailing us and nobody else around with the wind in the trees, very creepy.

We bought some souvenirs for people, I'm not that big on shopping so I only bought a tiny few for whoever I feel like giving them to. Evelyn and Kathryn bought much more.

The plans for the day kept changing on Bannie who was trying to sort things out over the phone with Katya as translator, ended up working out a boat trip with Jane who is really lovely.

So we got the train home and sorted out our stuff before leaving again.

One thing I forgot to mention was that mum had sprained her ankle really badly coming home from the wedding reception and has been hobbling around for the trip to aunt Tanyas. She didn't come with us on any further adventures as she was staying in Moscow longer than us three and needed the rest.

We caught up with Katya and walked a whole bunch to find the boat tour, the Renaissance cruise down the Moscow river. Jane met us there

We sat and ate food, downstairs first and then went up on deck to take in the sunset with city lights, and photograph things, highly recommended thing to do. We all felt it was a really great way to say goodbye to Moscow.

Jane took us home in her car, apparrently she drives like a maniac, but with the way that the Moscow streets were honestly I didn't notice.

We make our goodbyes to Jane and went home for some sleep.

Now something that has been happening every morning that should be said.. either Evelyn or mum cant sleep in past, say, 7am. So they both get up and start chatting, making coffee etc. I make do as best I can and doze for a while but get up around 8-9am.. Poor Kathryn would have loved to sleep in so much more, but with us three up and talking she can't sleep so gets up too.. in her words "ten days without children and I still dont get a sleep in"

We gave our goodbyes to Katya first as she was going to work, she is such an amazing woman to have put up with us so cramped in her home for ten days with an excelent humor and bright personality. We gave goodby to mum as we got into the taxi, she was staying for longer as I have said. There was a bit of fear we wouldnt get tot the airport on time but we were OK. We left Bannie at the gate as we went through security. It had been an absolutely thrilling ride for all of us. Cheers big bro.

I cant describe the feelings I have, I cant seem to put them into words well enough.

Flight to abu dhabi was fine, I am currently only one fifth of the ride to Melbourne, bleh.. Its going to be long

over the course of the trip I learned a few rusian words

Yes - da
No - net
Hello - privet
Good - horosho
Goodbye - do svidaniya
Big - bolʹshoĭ

I lost my glasses at th recepiton.. this time i dont think i will get them back.
russian girls are very pretty :D
I can actually live with my family for a little over a week without wanting to kill them.

It has been a very bonding and fascinating experience.not something i will veer forget.

I joke around now asking which country i should get married in. seems marriages have the power to bring people together for joyous occasions from all over the globe.

I cant wait to have some alone time though, and a good shower. get back to work and of course SALSA!!

and my best friend gets back to adelaide a day after me.. more drinks this weekend :D

thanks bannie... best big brother evar...