1st day in russia

OK. So once again its a quiet time that I can write my thoughts about how things have gone so far.
apartment block where we are staying

Adelaide to Melbourne was fun fun fun. Flying Virgin, saying goodbye's, short flight, high spirits, but I had to ditch my can of deodorant. I smelled really bad the rest of the way! :(

My mum and sisters were a bit teary about leaving their families behind, we waved from the rear ladder it was really nice.

Hanging around in Melbourne was just a touch boring. It was still Australia and an airport so yawn. Check in at the Etihad counter was smooth, we got our boarding passes for the next two flights. The baggage was all sorted out from Adelaide so we wouldn't see it again till russia.

Fourteen hours from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi was expectedly excruciating sleep wise. I am proud to say that we got through it OK. I watched sucker punch and something else can't remember right now. At some point a gentleman came and sat down next to me in the spare seat then disappeared, I tidied up my gear so I wasn't afraid of it getting stolen.

Arrived really tired at Abu Dhabi and had to walk to the terminal. Then through the warren of a terminal to our gate. The girls were taking photo's of mundane things :| which confuses me immensely.

Flight to Moscow had quite a few hot girlies on it :D, but after one of them was rude to me I ignored them from then on. I watched some weird survival movie about a guy who was in a car crash. seriously 90 minutes of crawling through the forest hallucinating a rescue girl and a dog. WTF it was like watching a really un-entertaining bear grylls.

By this time my sister was pretty peaky regarding lack of nicotine and other matters. We were wearing a bit thin on patience.
supermarket beer :D

The passport and security gates at the Moscow airport were a joke. There were no lines at the passport counters and people would cut in all over the place, that and the fact that it was a huge mob of people wanting to get through. At some points there were heated arguments between people due to the 'line' jumpers and this is a normal situation here. The customs and bag checks didn't check a thing, even though we were trying to see if we had to declare all the food we were bringing back in, bleh.

Bannister and Katya met us at the exit and we caught the train into Moscow. The Train ride showed us some countryside, lots of birch trees. My phone was dead so I couldn't take any pics :(.

Getting off the train and walking to where we got some taxi's was a huge sort of de ja vu, for me because it was so similar to china. The girls took one cab and ban and I took the other. It was dodgy beat up old cabbie.

Once we arrived at the apartment it was four flights of stairs of lugging the bags up, a quick shower and we were ready to go out for sushi.

I've glossed over quite a bit because I'm really tired right now and want to get some sleep.