About to Leave

I've been trying not to get exited about this trip for the past week or so, but its kind of a big deal.

With just hours left before I will be on the plane, I think its ok if i get a little exited.

Mum is trying desperately to fit as much within the weight limit as possible, my sister evelyn is freaking out enough that she cant eat. Its kind of amusing to me.

There is a lot of worry about luggage safety, I forgot my combination on the shitty locks I have haha... took me 30 minutes to work it out.

Forgot  my headphones too, lucky that they give you some on the plane and if thats all I am forgetting then I count myself pretty lucky.

Sadly I have no entertainment for the place right now.. I might have to purchase a book at the airport :\

Adelaide to Melbourne to Abu Dhabi to Moscow.. I have company to keep me occupied.. and blast.. I forgot my UNO cards!! whatever will I do :D

I'm going to miss lots of things while I am away.. especially the people and dancing at latino grooves. the've been such a full on part of my life the last 2 months. I put some salsa music on my phone to keep me company in my absence. lets hope I dont forget much.

I have to remind myself that its only going to be 10 days. feels like it will be forever. :\ haha :D

Big hugs for everyone.

Till next time