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Confest Easter 2018 - Oh man what a trip.

This was my first ever bush camping festival.

No order to the ramblings.

The mens circle was better than expected, but only until after I left did I
feel more grounded. During I felt disconnected from men more than anything else because their experiences they related were so different to how I think about things but then I only get to hear their two minute tale and it doesn't reflect their reality in their mind, just their ability to express it. I found myself unable to express myself in any meaningful way during the circle, but some stuff was close to the surface bubbling away. The explanation that due to emotional and physical trauma that I maintain a primarily neutral emotional state, avoiding the lows, but preventing the highs, really hit me in the feels.

I met a girl Sarah, who I danced with on thursday night and I felt we made a
great connection I talked to her a lot over the weekend, I hope I have made a new friend. She has my contact details but I don't have hers :|


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