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Nowhere is scary

The closer I get to living nowhere the more anxiety I feel about it.
This last week and a bit, because it's Thursday and not Sunday Organised a loan for the future vehicle, waiting on approvalRequested and received help from my bestie Annie's dad Paul in purchasingFinished packing, I don't have anything left in the house except that which is for sale.Posted gumtree adds for the remainder of the itemsPlanned for test drives this coming SaturdayPacked up my car, it all fits yay!Started scouting locations to crash and relax, so far so good.Decided on waiting six months before publishing information about homelessness in case of negative attention having an impact on meTested my gym shower routine, so far so good but a bit coldScouted locations for sleeping, street lights are the worst. need to figure something else out.Where am I going to dry my towel? :( The biggest one is sleep, and relaxation. A single night of scouting has made me very uncomfortable for my immediate futur…

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